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Understanding a hit and run violation

Hit and runs are a complex infraction. This offence is found in both the Highway Safety Code as well as in the Criminal Code. This means that depending on several factors, including the severity of the injuries a person sustains due to the hit and run, you may be faced with a ticket or an actual criminal charge.

What is a hit and run?

The Highway Safety Code provides a few scenarios explaining what is a hit and run infraction.  The most common situation is when the driver of a vehicle is involved in an accident and fails to stay on the scene or does not return immediately after the accident to provide the necessary assistance to any person who could be injured or who needs assistance (art. 168 Highway Safety Code). The Highway Safety Code also broadens this offence to incorporate an event where a driver has a collision with an unoccupied vehicle or any other inanimate object (art.171 Highway Safety Code).

The obligations of a hit and run driver

After the events of a hit and run, the driver is responsible for providing the individual who has experienced damage due to the collision with their name, address, license number, the name and number of the owner listed on the vehicle’s registration, the certificate of insurance or solvency provided for in the Automobile Insurance Act, and the license plate number (art. 170 Highway Safety Code). If a police officer arrives at the scene, the driver must provide the above information to them as well. If the owner of the damaged property is not on the scene and cannot be accessed, the driver must immediately contact the nearest police station and provide them with the information mentioned above (art. 171 Highway Safety Code). Furthermore, if the accident involves hitting an animal weighing more than 25 kg, the obligations of the driver will be the same as above.

Charges for a hit and run violation

Various penalties may be imposed in the case of a hit and run infraction. First, you risk a fine of anywhere between $600 to $2000. In addition, nine demerit points will be added to your SAAQ driving record.

What to do if you receive a hit-and-run ticket

If you receive an infraction for a hit and run and you wish to contest it, act quickly by making an appointment with one of our traffic ticket lawyers who will be able to guide you through the entire legal process for contesting a hit and run ticket. 

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